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Penn State Football: Herb Hands Takes On All Questions During Reddit AMA

March 8, 2014 State College No Comments

It’s protected to contend times have altered around a Penn State football program.

Herb Hand, Penn State’s descent line manager of skyrocketing celebrity took to a internet for a QA on Friday on a renouned site Reddit. Answer questions underneath format of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Hand didn’t bashful divided from any doubt for scarcely an hour. While some questions ranged from critical to Hand’s favorite place to eat, it was zero brief of entertaining.

The full AMA can be review here, though these are usually a few of a highlights.

Reddit User: What have we found to be a biggest disproportion between SEC enlightenment and B1G enlightenment to be so far?

Herb Hand: There’s unequivocally not a disproportion – guys work tough and take honour in what they can pierce to a table…They wish to win and have been peaceful to work so that’s unequivocally what we are looking for out of your team.

RU: Favorite pizza in state college so far?

HH: Faccia Luna – small pricey though unequivocally good.

RU: What are a biggest hurdles to overcome with a NCAA imposed sanctions? For example, will a volume of earthy hit in use be singular due to register depth? Will it be harder to representation to high propagandize kids to come there with no postseason?

Roster stipulations make us skinny in spots – it one of those ‘It is what it is” form things since a opponents don’t caring and so we can’t demeanour during it as an obstacle, we need people to welcome it as opportunity. Prospects have been unequivocally receptive to what we have to offer here during Penn State so that’s unequivocally been a non-factor so far.

RU: Thanks for selecting Penn State, coach. we didn’t know what a destiny would reason following O’Brien’s departure, though we have a feeling we’re in good hands after a initial sense we and a rest of your staff has done so far. Anyway…..what is one thing we listened about Penn State/Happy Valley/the fans/anything before to usurpation a pursuit that we satisfied was passed wrong after nearing here? Thanks, coach.

HH: I’m creatively from a Northeast (Westmoreland NY) and hadn’t listened many disastrous things about a area etc – we was entirely wakeful of sleet before holding a job.

RU: Do we ever wish we had a Coach Foot on your staff so we could make jokes about it?

HH: we went to facile propagandize with a man named Billy Foote…

RU: If we had a starting OL over for dinner, what would your go-to recipe be for feeding a large organisation of large guys?

HH: I’m large on barbecuing Ribeyes when we have a guys over – that’s substantially my favorite cut of beef. My twice baked potatoes flattering many flog donkey as well.

RU: What is a many formidable thing to weigh in a HS OL? Alternatively what is your favorite thing to manager to them once they get on campus? What creates we watch fasten and contend “damn I’m unapproachable he’s doing this well”?

Mental toughness

Communication and bargain of how his 1/11th fits within a proportions of a offense while also holding into caring a structure and intrigue of a invulnerability we are facing. We wish to supply guys with collection to solve problems and when they start elucidate them that is a genuine “Ahhh Haaa” moment.

RU: we consider it’d be overwhelming if we could share some discernment into your transition from Vandy to Penn State. You seemed to be one of a usually coaches to continue fighting for Vandy’s category when everybody was flipping to Penn State. Did we know during that indicate that we would also make a move, though feel we due it to Vandy? Was it usually a right thing to do?

HH: In a halt between James and Coach Mason, we continued operative for Vanderbilt since a) we was going to talk for a conduct coaching position and b) we was still on their payroll. Once those factors changed, my instruction altered as well.

RU: Why do we consider there aren’t some-more coaches who have such a good Twitter participation like we do? What advantages do we consider it gives we as a manager or recruiter? How do your players feel about your impasse on a site?

HH: we consider some-more guys are embracing amicable media in ubiquitous since they commend a energy it has and that if they don’t they are putting themselves during a rival disadvantage…as to your final question, they bust my chops about it a small though we consider they suffer my Twitter OG-ness…especially when we dump a vine of them destroying their opponent.

RU: In your experience, what have we found as a best approach for a manager to get a many of his players? I ask this as an determined coach, so any other recommendation you’d have and be peaceful to share for someone new to a contention would be severely appreciated.

HH: Relationships – No actor cares how many we know til they know how many we caring about them…I trust this coaching adage and try to live it everyday.

RU: Whats one ideal/philosophy of yours that we are looking to explain on a Oline during Penn State and why?

HH: We will win by outworking and out-executing a opponents – is talent important? Absolutely. But we will win since we are tough, intelligent and prepared (to quote a good John Donovan)

Hey Coach, what is one thing that we can offer/pitch a intensity partisan about Penn State that no other propagandize can?

HH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT9OBztsVZg

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